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Planning Applications

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The Committee proceeded to consider the reports and presentations that had been prepared by the relevant Planning Officers on the following applications and also considered the comments of the Parish Councils together with other representations received, which were listed within the presented agenda report and summarised below:


(a) Application No.   0604/23/FUL         Ward: Bridestowe


Site Address: Land at SX 460 975, Metherell Cross, Patchacott


Development: Construction of a temporary agricultural workers supervisory dwelling (resubmission of 2874/22/OPA)


Recommendation: Conditional Approval



1.         Time limit

2.         Accord with plans

3.         Agricultural tie

4.         Temporary 3 year period

5.         PD limitations

6.         No external lighting

7.         Details of elevations

8.         Landscaping Scheme



Key issues for Committee consideration:

       Development in the countryside, landscape impact and agricultural need.


The Planning Officer gave a presentation to the Committee Members.


A Member raised the lack of details in the type of building proposed in the application. The Planning Officer agreed it was unusual but to bear in mind from the applicant’s point of view, that they may be looking to purchase an existing building being used elsewhere. They could not guarantee purchasing that building until they had planning permission granted. He added that conditions could be added should Members grant permission.


Another Member asked about what would happen at the end of the 3 years of a temporary permission. The Planning Officer indicated that the need for a permanent dwelling would have to be proven or further years as a temporary dwelling may be considered if sufficient evidence was not available at the end of 3 years.


It would be necessary to show the business was viable, with full financial records of the business operation. The Planning Officer confirmed that the building would be of a modular portacabin structure.

Members requested an additional condition of drainage.


A Member asked for clarity on policy TTV26 and the agricultural appraisal related to the need for the dwelling. Queries were raised about the fact that the Parish Council had raised a point that it was not a dairy herd and therefore there was not a need for 24 hour presence on site. It was confirmed that the appraisal covered all animal husbandry and confirmed there was a need for 24 hour presence on site. The conclusion was also based on the construction and occupation of the second agricultural building recently granted permission (0593/23/FUL).


As a registered speaker, Mr Heywood, the agent for the applicant confirmed it would be a timber clad modular building. He stated there would be 80 calves in the new calf building at any one time, with 300 calves going through in a year. He stated that the future occupiers of the proposed temporary accommodation would reduce other elements in their working lives to allow them to push the business forward, after being challenged that the proposed occupiers have other full-time jobs.


A statement read out on behalf of Beaworthy Parish Council stated that the future occupants are in full time employment but not in farming and lived a couple of miles from the site at Patchacott.


The Planning Officer commented on the fact that it is for the farming enterprise to decide who is a suitable person to reside on site in the property. It could be a stockman brought in for the first three years as the business is establishing.


In debate a Member felt there was a lot of detail missing within the application.  They also had concerns on the site levels and drainage. The proposed accommodation would be downhill from the agricultural buildings and could have run off from the other buildings on site.


Committee Decision: Conditional Approval,

subject to the addition of conditions relating to;

•Construction and design details

•Climate change measures

•Surface and foul drainage details



These conditions to be agreed by the Head of Development Management; the Chair and Vice Chair of the Development Management and Licensing Committee. 



(b)   application No. 2110/23/FUL       Ward:     Bridestowe

 Site Address: Wooda Farm, Lewdown EX20 4PL

 Development: Proposed roof over replacement slurry store resubmission of 1621/23/FUL)


 Recommendation: Conditional Approval


The Planning Officer explained that this application was brought to Committee due to it being an application of a West Devon Councillor. The application was to comply with the Government’s Clean Air Strategy 2019, which requires all digestive stores in England to have a cover by 2027.



1.     Time

2.     Plans

3.     Planting

4.     Drainage




Key issues for consideration:

      Principle of development, design/landscape, neighbouring amenity, highways, drainage and low carbon development.


Member stated it was a development that met the need in the countryside.


There was no debate on the application.


Committee decision:  Conditional Approval


Supporting documents: