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West Devon Hub Committee

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Name, Address1, Address2, Address3, Address4, Postcode, Phone, Mobile, Email
Councillor Adam Bridgewater, 6 Tiddy Brook Road, Tavistock, , , PL19 9BZ, 01822 611368, 07786 244133,
Councillor Chris Edmonds, Fresh Fields, North Road, Lifton, Devon, PL16 0EH, 01566 784794, 07775 662459,
Councillor Jane Elliott, Kilowrthy Park, Drake Road, Tavistock, , PL19 0BZ, , ,
Councillor Mandy Ewings, 6 Boughthayes, Tavistock, , , PL19 8EE, , 07557 796588,
Councillor Neil Jory, Rose Cottage, Chillaton, Lifton, Devon, PL16 0HR, 01822 860342, 07933 764887,
Councillor Ursula Mann, Kilworthy Park, Drake Road, Tavistock, PL19 0BZ, , , , ,
Councillor Jeffrey Moody, 11 Bannawell Street, , Tavistock, Devon, PL19 0DJ, 01822 615522, ,
Councillor Caroline Mott, Great Close Farm, Bridestowe, Devon, , EX20 4NT, 01837 861212, 07515 533030,
Councillor Mark Renders, The Flat, Post Office, Tavistock Road, Princetown, PL20 6QE, 01822 890212, ,