West Devon Development Management and Licensing Committee


Minutes of a meeting of the West Devon Development Management and Licensing Committee held on

Tuesday, 5th September, 2023 at 10.00 am at the Chamber - Kilworthy Park







Chairman Cllr Cheadle

Vice Chairman Cllr Southcott


 Cllr Cunningham


Cllr Guthrie

Cllr Kimber (as substitute)


Cllr Leech

Cllr Mann


Cllr Mott

Cllr Renders (as substitute)


Cllr Wakeham






Head of Development Management

Senior Planning Officer

Head of Legal Services and Monitoring Officer

Community Housing Officer- Assets

Democratic Services Officer







8.                            Apologies for Absence


 Apologies were received from Cllr N Jory (for whom Cllr P Kimber substituted) and from Cllr J Moody (for whom Cllr M Renders substituted).





9.                            Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.





10.                         Items Requiring Urgent Attention


There was no urgent business brought forward to this meeting.




11.                         Confirmation of Minutes


The minutes from the Committee meeting held on 18 July 2023 were approved as a true and correct record.





12.                         Planning Applications


The Committee proceeded to consider the report that had been prepared by the relevant Planning Officer on the following application and considered also the comments of the Town Council together with other representations received, which were listed within the presented agenda report and summarised below:




                     (a) Application No. 1318/23/FUL        Ward: Tavistock North


Site Address: The Kiosk, Bus Station, 20 Plymouth Road,

                     Tavistock, PL19 8AY


                      Development: Conversion of existing offices into three flats

                      with associated courtyard area & soft

                      landscaping to front


                       Recommendation: Conditional approval subject to:



                           Standard time limit;

                           Accord with plans;

                           Temporary accommodation only;

                           Details of stone for boundary walls to be agreed;

                           Windows to be retained and restored unless replacements agreed;

                           Conservation rooflights;

                           Details of door to be agreed;

                           Details of hard and soft landscaping;

                           Adhere to ecology report and confirmation submitted from 


                           Lighting strategy to be submitted prior to commencement; and

                           No clearance or works during bird nesting season.


                       Key issues for Committee consideration:

•    Heritage – Conservation Area and World Heritage Site:

No objection from Council Heritage Specialist, subject to

recommended conditions.


•    Affordable Housing provision

Council-owned temporary accommodation will reduce spending of placements. Proposal supports motions of the Housing Crisis





•    Loss of employment space

Permitted by policy DEV14 where there are demonstrable Community benefits. Identified need for temporary accommodation considered to outweigh loss of employment  space considering Housing Crisis.  Assets consider the site no longer suitable for commercial let.



•     Highways

No parking provided but acceptable given site location. Less demand compared to current use.


•    Ecology

Detailed mitigation agreed with Ecologist and Natural England licence will be required.


•    Design and Landscape

No changes to exterior of building. Landscape works acceptable.


•    Amenity

Mix of residential and commercial uses surrounding, change to residential use therefore raises no concerns -no objections received. Minimal external amenity space provided but proximity to town, parks etc. means that this is acceptable.


Recommendation: Conditional Approval


During questions, Members of the Committee asked if (the Committee was minded to support the officer recommendation) whether soundproofing could be added as a further condition.  In reply, the Planning Officer considered that it would not be needed given the thickness of the walls of the building. However, if in the future, noise was to become an issue, it could be pursued through the Environmental Health service.  The Community Housing Officer added that acoustic testing was taking place and noise insulation between floors would be installed along with secondary glazing. Nevertheless, Members felt that, given the location, it would be reasonable for a condition to be imposed for the amenity of the occupiers of the flats.


Committee Decision:  That the Head of Development Management be authorised to grant conditional planning consent subject to a further condition relating to the soundproofing of the proposed flats, the wording of which to be agreed with the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of the Development Management and Licensing Committee.





13.                         Planning Appeals Update


The Head of Development Management talked about an appeal on Lower Longford Farm at Highampton, where an appeal on a replacement dwelling was dismissed. The Inspector had agreed on most of the reasons that it had been refused for by the Local Planning Authority.


Members noted that an appeal on Moorview Lodge at Grenofen was upheld. The application had been for an extension on a house that had already been extended many times over several years.  The case officer felt that the proposed design and siting was inappropriate in a rural area.  However, the Inspector had deemed that the extension was acceptable.





14.                         Update on Undetermined Major Applications


The Head of Development Management updated Members on the current major applications. The applicant for an application for development at land adjacent to Baldwin Drive, Okehampton had decided to take the application to appeal on the grounds of non-determination.  In terms of its status, the appeal had yet to be considered.





The Meeting concluded at 10.30 am





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