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DM.32/23       MINUTES

                        The minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 13 October 2023 were confirmed as a correct record by the Committee.



Members and officers were invited to declare any interests in the items of business to be considered and none were declared.



The Chairman noted the list of members of the public, Town and Parish Council representatives, and Ward Members who had registered their wish to speak at the meeting.



The Committee considered the details of the planning applications prepared by the relevant Case Officers as presented in the agenda papers, and considered the comments of Town and Parish Councils, together with other representations received, which were listed within the presented agenda reports, and RESOLVED that:


            6a)      2478/23/FUL             “Land at SX 524 495”, Ford Road, Wembury

                                                            Parish:  Wembury


                        Development:  Detached garage with storage above


                        Case Officer Update:   The Case Officer summarised the key issues, namely that:

·         Design amendment, when viewed as a whole, were considered to have addressed concerns from previous refusal.

·         This development was now considered to accord with Policies DEV20, DEV23 and DEV25 of the JLP.

·         It was not considered to be an unacceptable loss of amenity for the nearest residents in accordance with Policy DEV1 of the JLP.

·         The development achieves a proportionate biodiversity enhancement and sufficiently low carbon design in compliance with DEV26 and DEV32.


                        The Case Officer explained that the garage would be for domestic use and would be marginally higher than the previous building.  The site to be treated as a brownfield site.


                        Having heard from speakers on behalf of objectors, supporters and the Parish Council together with the Ward Councillor, Members debated the application.  During the debate, one Member felt that a garage of this size was acceptable in this location.   Some Members felt the bird bricks were not adequate and more biodiversity was required.  Another Member felt the height would impact the neighbours, however another Member raised that the residents had a clear view for the past 10 years.  It was also felt that the applicant had made reasonable adjustments.


                        Recommendation:             Conditional Approval


Committee decision:         Conditional Approval         


Conditions:                         1. Time 2. Accord w/plans 3. Use restriction domestic only 4. Construction Management Plan 5. Bird bricks 6. Velux to incorporate obscure glazing.


                        6b)      2268/23/VAR                        “The Cove Guest House”, Torcross

                                                                        Parish:  Stokenham


                        Development:   Application for variation of condition 1 (approved plans) of planning consent 1411/21/VAR (resubmission of 2110/22/VAR)


                        Case Officer Update:  The Case Officer summarised the key issues, namely that:

·         Importance of considering the proposal against the impacts of the approved schemes

·         Acceptability of the architectural design:

- Reduced footprint

- Removal of louvres

·         Climate change matters:

- Improvements over approved development

- Introduction of triple glazing

- Solar panels

- Battey storage

- EV charging

·         Cliff and seawall

- Dated Engineer Report

- Works necessary to the cliff and/or sea wall beyond a straight repair would need planning permission

·         Conclusions

- The architectural appearance did not significantly change and generally accords with the principles in DEV20

- The increase in the area of glazing was not significant and in terms of light emissions and climate change the current scheme offers improvements over the approved scheme and accords with DEV32

- Climate change, cliff and seawall issues covered by condition.


                        The Case Officer explained that any matters related to the sea wall would be for the applicant to address.  It was reiterated that this application was the same size as the previous application.


                        A Member raised concern on the duty of care to the natural environment with the amount of glazing on the property.  Concerns were also raised regarding the sea wall and previously rejected applications. 


                        Having heard from speakers on behalf of objectors, supporters and the Parish Council together with the Ward Councillor, Members debated the application.  During the debate, one Member highlighted the need to look at the application before them and whether this was better than the previous design.  Another Member felt that biodiversity was lacking in this proposal.  Another Member raised the amount of glass on a conspicuous site was a material factor for refusal.


                        Officers highlighted that Members were comparing the previously approved scheme to what was before them today.  There was a lawful fallback that could be implemented tomorrow and whether this application was better than what could be built tomorrow.


                        A proposal was put forward to refuse the application, the Chair adjourned the meeting to allow officers to prepare a recommendation.        


                        Recommendation:             Conditional Grant


                        Committee decision:          Delegated refusal to the Head of Development Management in consultation with the Chair, Vice-Chair, Proposer (Cllr Hodgson) and Seconder (Cllr Allen) on the design quality and increased fenestrations.




Members noted the list of appeals as outlined in the presented agenda report. 



Members noted the update on undetermined major applications as outlined in the presented agenda report.



(Meeting commenced at 10.30 am with a break at 11.40 am.  The meeting adjourned at 13.02 pm.  Meeting concluded at 13.47 pm)




Voting Analysis for Planning Applications – DM Committee 15 November 2023



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“Land at SX 524 495”, Ford Road, Wembury

Conditional Approval

Cllrs Abbott, Bonham, Dommett, Long, Pannell and Rake (6)





Cllrs Allen, Carson, Hodgson, Nix and Taylor (5)


Cllr McKay, (1)






“The Cove Guest House”, Torcross


Cllrs Allen, Bonham, Carson, Dommett, Hodgson, Long, Nix, Pannell and Taylor (9)




Cllr Rake (1)

Cllr Abbott (1)






Cllr McKay, (1)