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Application to vary the Premises Licence of Things Happen Here, Meadowbrook Community Centre, Shinners Bridge, Dartington, Totnes, TQ9 6JD



The Sub-Committee considered a report that sought to determine an application for a variation to the premises licence at Things Happen Here, Meadowbrook Community Centre, Shinners Bridge, Dartington, Totnes, TQ9 6JD in accordance with Section 35 of the Licensing Act 2003.


The Senior Licensing Officer introduced the report and outlined the details of the application (as stated in the application form at Appendices A, B, C, D and E.  The Senior Licensing Officer reminded the Sub-Committee that its decision had to be based upon the four licensing objectives.


1.         Address by the Applicant


The Applicant reported that since opening the venue they have hosted 80 different events ranging from Pilates, quiz nights and music events.  They have used TENS to run events outside of their licensed hours, however, have to wait for the TENS to be granted before they can publicise the event.  From the TENS events they have hosted they have received no complaints, and nothing noted in the Parish Council minutes.  They were very selective on who they work with and were aware of the neighbouring properties. The landlord and Devon and Cornwall Police very supportive and no issues raised by Robins Respite Centre.  They were aware of the representations made and already have safeguards in place regarding noise and customer behaviour.  They believe the extended hours would not have a detrimental effect on residents.







2.         Address by Objectors


The Objector read out a statement from the Parish Council.  The Parish Council felt the extension was inappropriate and the peaceful environment would be disrupted.  Concerns raised on what happens after the events closes with noise from people leaving/lingering outside the venue and no public transport and cars adding to the noise.  People walking from the event and not an easy route to Totnes.  The Parish Council have not formally complained but were not happy with extended hours and they wanted to keep the status quo. 


(The Sub Committee then adjourned, in the presence of the Monitoring Officer, and Senior Democratic Services Officer at 4.29 pm to consider the application and reconvened at 4.57 pm.)





3.         The Decision


In announcing the Sub-Committee decision, the following statement was read:


We have considered the application for a new premises licence.


We have considered the Statement of Licensing Policy, the government guidance and our obligations that relate to the promotion of the licensing objectives.


We have read carefully the written representations from all parties, plus additional statements from persons here today. We have also considered the additional conditions proposed by the Police and accepted by the Applicant.


It is our decision to GRANT the application subject to the following changes being incorporated into the operating schedule:


The conditions proposed by the Police and the amendment proposed by the Applicant relating to events being pre-advertised.  Events are also to be advertised not less than 10 days before the event.  There shall be a further condition that no tickets are to be sold on the door on the night.


The reasons for our decision are as follows:


The evidence provided does not support the allegations of noise and disturbance.  In addition, there have been several events held under temporary event notices with events finishing at 1.30am that have been held without complaints.  So, with the conditions as proposed and amended we consider that the application promotes the licensing objectives.


The full written decision would be sent out within five working days.



Supporting documents: