Agenda item

Reports of Bodies

to receive and as may be necessary approve the minutes and recommendations of the under-mentioned Bodies:


 (* Indicates minutes containing recommendations to Council).






That the minutes and recommendations of the undermentioned bodies be received and approved subject to any amendments listed below:-.


(a)        Development Management Committee - 13 September 2023


(b)        Salcombe Harbour Board - 18 September 2023


(c)        Audit & Governance Committee - 28 September 2023


(d)        Overview & Scrutiny Committee - 5 October 2023


(e)        Development Management Committee - 18 October 2023


(f)        Licensing Committee - 9 November 2023


L.4/23: Hackney Carriage And Private Hire Policy – Proposal To Delay Implementation Of The Euro NCAP Safety Rating Standard




That the amended Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy be adopted.


(g)        Salcombe Harbour Board - 13 November 2023


(h)        Development Management Committee - 15 November 2023


(i)         Executive  - 30 November 2023


E.36/23: Plymouth And South Devon Freeport: Report Of Task & Finish Group


Members noted that this recommendation had already been considered at agenda item 7 (Minute 38/23 above refers).


E.38/23 Draft Revenue and Capital Budget Proposals For 2024- 25






3.    That the one-off cost of £450,000 for the roll out of the Devon Aligned Service for kerbside waste collection on 20 November 2023, be funded from the Business Rates Retention Earmarked Reserve in 2023/24 (NB. further details are set out in sections 3.26 to 3.29 of the published Executive agenda report);


4.    That an Advisory Committee comprising of all Non-Executive Members be set up to consider the 2024/25 Revenue and Capital Budget Proposals and make recommendations to the Executive on the Budget Proposals (NB. meeting date proposed of Thursday 11 January 2024 at 3.00pm); and


5.    That South Hams District Council continue to be part of the Devon Business Rates Pool for 2024/25, subject to there being no announcements within the Finance Settlement (expected to be announced in mid-December), which in the opinion of the Section 151 Officer (in consultation with the Leader of the Council), would change this recommendation.



E.39/23 Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy Update




That the South Hams District Council Electric Vehicle Strategy 2023-2025 (as set out at Appendix B of the published Executive agenda report), be adopted.



E.50/23 Reports of Other Bodies


(a) Salcombe Harbour Board Meeting – 18 September 2023


SH.10/23 2024/25 Budget




1.  That the proposed 2024/25 Budget (as set out within the agenda report presented to the Salcombe Harbour Board meeting) be approved, with it being noted that the detailed means of closing the Budget deficit (identified as being £77,000) will be considered by the Board at its next meeting (to be held on 13 November 2023); and


2.  That £150,000 be transferred from the Harbour’s General (Revenue Account) Reserve to the Renewals Reserve as part of closing the 2023/24 Accounts, with this funding being earmarked to support the cost of replacing the moorings barge.



(b) Salcombe Harbour Board Meeting – 13 November 2023


 SH.22/23 Fees and Charges 2024/25




That the proposed fees and charges (as set out at Appendix 1 of the agenda report presented to the Salcombe Harbour Board meeting) be approved for implementation from 1 April 2024, in order to meet the 2024/25 Budget gap of £77,000.

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