Registered training

  • 18/05/2023 - Media Skills; An introduction to media and communications at the council, including social media, press relations and communicating with the public.
  • 18/05/2023 - Code of Conduct; An introduction to the Councillor Code of Conduct, including responsibilities and enforcement
  • 18/05/2023 - Meeting Discipline and Council Procedure Rules; An introduction to how meetings run at South Hams District Council, what you can and can't do, and who can speak.
  • 18/05/2023 - Community Leadership; An introduction to a Councillor's role as a community leader, including where to find support and a discussion panel;
  • 18/05/2023 - GDPR; An introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation
  • 18/05/2023 - Health and Safety; An introduction to Health and Safety
  • 11/05/2023 - The Planning Process - Part 1; An introduction to planning and development management at South Hams District Council, and the councillor's role in it.
  • 11/05/2023 - The Planning Process Part 2; A more detailed look at development management in the South Hams and the council's role
  • 10/05/2023 - Setting the Scene and How the Council Works offered by SHDC
  • 10/05/2023 - Induction: 2023; New Members induction session, signing in and all-member lunch